Tuesday, June 9, 2020

This I Know For Sure...

This morning I have a ZOOM meeting with a few people from the church that I attend. I was invited last week by one of the sweetest voices that I haven't heard in a very long time. All attendance has been cancelled of course since the pandemic began. What I noticed right when I heard her voice was a lift in my physical heart, it brought a deep knowing and smile to every part of me.
I've missed seeing, sharing and hearing from these people that I have grown in community with there since I was a little girl. They are my family too. They love me. They know me.
I have felt that positive surge and joyful anticipation for a few days now and this morning I get to see them, talk with them and I know already that it will be good. It will be goodness. It will be filled with love and joy.

How do I know this? I know this because I have learned to trust in love and it's ever present presence. I know what love feels like and I am deeply blessed because of it in my life.  Over and over again I have experienced this love in my lifetime and know that it resides deeply in everyone of us and never dies. Sometimes is is dormant. Sometimes we lose sight of it. Sometimes we don't FEEL it anymore, especially in the midst of so much loss, pain, grief and fear... but it is still there.

Love is a voice, a memory, a smell, it is the life blood of our hearts. It fuels the very breath that allows us to even exist and do all of the things that we do. For me, love, that one small thing creates purpose, passion, reasons for why we even try sometimes, it surges through, it perseveres, in our thoughts, in our words, in our actions.

Today, I am choosing love. I am trusting that it will rise up from my heart, into my mind and filter through my hands, voice and with every step I take and in every decision I make today.
In gratitude and with all the love that I have been able to receive in my life, I return it to all of you! For without it I can do nothing and with it I have everything I have ever needed.

Love is hope.

Love Always,